Blending the hospitality of east to west and north to south, the Red Salt Multi-Cuisine Restaurant offers the popular delicacies of the world under one roof. Our restaurant has become another name for a place where you can hangout with friends, party with colleagues and spend quality time dining with your family and loved ones.

The ambience here is truly commendable. The soothing lights, spectacular furniture and the comfortable seating arrangement will inspire you come here again and again. Whether you are an Indian cuisine lover, Chinese cuisine lover, Italian cuisine lover etc, you can taste every bit of the delicacies offered from around the world.

A spoon full of mouth-watering food will be irresistible for you for generations.

Varieties Offered
• Beverages/Drinks (not alcohol)
• Continental/non-continental food
• Fast food
• Every speciality of India
• Every speciality from across the world
And much more

A Place for Celebration
Our restaurant is a perfect place where you can celebrate small-small events of our life with authentic cuisines of your choice. Celebrate with us, your marriage anniversary, birthdays, kitty parties, retirement event, promotion party, salary increment party, engagement party and so on. With the finest culinary skills, luxurious ambience, and oh-so-good delicacies, we are here to refresh your taste buds and make your celebrations more magnified.





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