Serve Cupid Pizza to Your Beloved this Valentine’s Day

The cupid pizza or the heart shape pizza is the perfect dish to serve to your beloved this valentine’s day. Valentine ’s Day is the day to celebrate love and the moments that you both spent together. It’s the time to tell your partner that ‘whatever condition it may be, I’ll always be there for you’..!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

So, to thank him or her for all the beautiful moments, serve a heart shape pizza to your darling sweetheart:

Valentines Day Recipes 2


• Mozzarella cheese

• Pizza base

• Pizza sauce or ketchup

• Sliced tomato

• Sliced onion

Valentines Day Recipes 4

You can also add other vegetable like mushrooms, olives, capsicum, jalapeno etc.

Valentines Day Recipes 3


• Cut the pizza base into the shape of a heart.

• Spread the pizza sauce evenly over the base.

• Place the sliced ingredients on it.

• Put some grated cheese over it.

• Bake this pizza in the oven for about 20 minutes.

The cupid pizza is ready. Garnish it with oregano herbs.


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