Experience Nepalese Culture and Lip Smacking Nepal Food Today

The rich culture of Nepal encompasses beautiful art, festivals, folktale, literature, tempting food and drinks. The Nepalese culture is highly influenced by the culture in India, Tibet and Mongolia.

Nepalese Culture

The culture, tourist places and the warmth in Nepalese people will truly mesmerize you. A number of tourists visit Nepal to experience and explore the scenic beauties here..

Nepalese Culture  1

If you are a heart throb food lover, then Nepal is certainly a perfect destination for you.

Nepalese Culture 2

Apart from the beautiful destinations, you will come across a huge variety in the cuisines served here.

Some of the cuisines found here are:

Thakali cuisine

This cuisine is famous among Thakali people who live in the Thak-Khola Valley.

Pahari cuisine

Pahari cuisine consists of Dal-bhat-tarkari, fish, yogurt, curried meat, Asian pear, mandarin orange and more.

Madhesi cuisine

It refers to tempting cuisines like Bhojpuri cuisine, Maithili cuisine and Tharu cuisine.

Lohorung cuisine

It includes dishes like sel roti, Yangpen, Wamik, Tongba, Dhule Achar and more.

So, if you plan to visit Nepal, don’t forget to try these:



Dal Bhat Tarkari

Dal Bhat Tarkari.jpg



Aloo Tama Bodi

Aloo Tama Bodi.jpg





So, wake up the foodie in you and rush to Nepal today..!!


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