Unique Styles of New Year Celebrations in the World

The New Year celebrations start as the clock strikes 12:00 on 31st December night. Every country around the world celebrates and welcomes the New Year in different styles. The main aim is just to rejoice with friends and family and hope for a cheerful new year.

So, here is how, the New Year is celebrated in different corners of the world:

  1. USA

Bellagio Hotel opening fireworks. 10/18/98

Champagne, cakes and feasting; this is how people in USA celebrate their new year. Generally, the Americans prefer to enjoy the Football tournament on New Year ’s Eve with family and friends. Firecrackers are burnt and you can seriously enjoy traditional celebrations here.

  1. Greece


Baking a special bread on New Year, is a traditional celebration in Greece. The dough of the bread has a hidden coin in it. This coin is supposed to be an epitome of good luck.

  1. Japan

New Year in Japan 1New Year in Japan

In Japan, the New Year is celebrated very traditionally. The Japanese people visit temples where they ring the bells 108 times. Ringing the bells is considered to be a sign to scare off the evil. Mochis are also cooked on this day.

  1. UK

New Year in UK.jpg

The New Year in UK is accompanied by feasting and drinking. ‘Fireworks from the London Eye’ is the major highlight of the New Year celebration. “First Footing” is also a traditional way of celebration. In this tradition, a man visits someone’s house after midnight with whiskey, loaf of bread, salt and coal. He is then expected to put the coal in the fire and wish Happy New Year to the family with whiskey and bread.

5. India

New Year celebration in India.jpg

The New Year celebration in India is accompanied by dance, music, tempting food and varied rituals. Different states in India have different customs and rituals of their own. Further, India witnesses the celebration of New Year not just on January 1, but on different dates, in different Indian states. Different new year celebrated in India are Gujarati New Year, Assamese New Year, Sikkimese New Year, Marwari New Year and so on.

Similarly, in other countries, the New Year is welcomed with utmost warmth and traditional customs.


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