Plan Destination Wedding in India with Red Salt Cuisine Catering Team

Destination weddings are quite common these days. Every couple wishes to plan and celebrate their wedding moment at a grand location. Following such a trend people from all around the world, visit India to plan their wedding at a superb Indian location.

Wedding party celebration india 5.jpg

So, in India you may find both an Indian couple and a foreigner couple getting married at an outdoor location in India.

Wedding party celebration india 9

Hence, if you are planning out your destination wedding these days or thinking to book the caterer, then Red Salt Cuisine Catering Team is right here before you.

Wedding party celebration india.jpg

Our Red Salt Cuisine Restaurant is Located in WSM, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad, India.

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We offer mouth-watering delicacies to our guests and organize different kinds of parties at massive discounted rates.

Wedding party celebration india 3.jpg

Further, we specialize in outdoor catering. Thus, we can handle all the catering responsibilities and provide your guests tempting delicacies from around the world (as per your liking).Wedding party celebration india 7.jpg

You just need to plan the destination of your wedding in India and leave the entire catering responsibilities on our team..

Wedding party celebration india 4Wedding party celebration india 1

So, call us today..!! Meet you at your wedding!!

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