Enjoy 10% Discount on Toasts from Fri-Sat at Red Salt Cuisine, WSM

A common breakfast food, i.e. the toast is a slice of bread that gets golden brown when exposed to heat in a toaster or over a pan. Generally, butter, jam or other spreads are applied on it, to give it a tempting flavor. Many people prefer eating the toast with soft-boiled eggs.

10% Discount on Toasts 1

A toast even tastes good with a cup of tea or coffee in the morning.

Make sure while you are toasting the bread, it must be toasted to the lightest color.

10% Discount on Toasts

So, Red Salt Cuisine Restaurant in WSM, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad offers super 10% discount on all types of toasts served here. For regular customers, it is 15% discount for the whole week.

Some of the toasts offered here are:

Cheese Toast

Cheese Toast 1Cheese Toast

The melting cheese on this cheese toast will make you go wow.

Cheese Chilly Toast

Cheese Chilly Toast.jpg

This chilly cheese toast is presented with a twist of chilies. The spiciness and cheesy-ness is so yumm..!!

Veggie Cheese Toast

Veggie Cheese Toast.jpg

This toast is filled with veggies. Thus, it is tasty and healthy at the same time.

Mushroom Cheese Toast

Mushroom Cheese Toast.jpg

For all those mushroom lovers, this toast will certainly be a treat

Seasame Cheese Toast

Seasame Cheese Toast.jpg

It is a good way to serve something different to your kids.

So, gather your friends and family and be ready to avail the discount..!! Visit now..

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