Bharatanatyam is a popular Indian classical dance that is performed with great elegance, grace and tenderness. This dance is performed by both men and women. However, women generally practice this dance.

Bharatanatyam Dance 4

People from around the world visit India to attend events of Bharatanatyam dance. This dance has become so popular by now that even the foreigners love to perform the dance.

Bharatanatyam Dance 5

Earlier Bharatnatyam was not known as ‘Bharatnatyam’. It had different names, viz. Dasi Attam, Sadir, and Chinnamelan.

Bharatanatyam Dance 3

According to sources, the original name originated from Bharata Muni. He was the master of Indian theatrical art forms and is known to write Natya Shastra.

Another interesting factor that relates to this dance is that a number of ancient sculptures in Hindu temples are inspired from the dance postures.

Bharatanatyam Dance 2

Further, this dance is known for its three elements, viz. Nritta, Natya and Nritya. This graceful dance is a combination of beautiful hand gestures and emotions.

Bharatanatyam Dance 1

The Bharatnatyam dancers also look very pretty while performing the dance. Looking at their beauty, costume and jewelry, you will be truly mesmerized and speechless.

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