Moving into a new residence is always beautiful. So, a housewarming party is the perfect moment to celebrate your happiness along with friends, family and new neighbours.

Housewarming Party 3

The team at Red Salt Cuisine Restaurant in WSM, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad, perfectly understand the importance of the housewarming party for you. Thus, we help you organize an amazing party at your new home with everything you want.

Housewarming Party

Since, we specialize in outdoor catering, thus, our team ensures that everything – from food to music to decoration and party theme – is arranged perfectly.

Housewarming Party 1

As per your liking, we offer delicious and tempting food stuff in multiple cuisines.

Housewarming Party 2

You just need to brief your imagination of dream party to us and leave the rest on us. We will arrange the best food, party theme, music and decoration.

Housewarming Party 6

Further, if you do not have any idea about the party, then do not worry. We will arrange everything and with your approval, we’ll move ahead with the organization.

Housewarming Party 4

We assure that with such a party your new acquaintances would become more closer to you.

Housewarming Party 5

So, instantly call us today for letting us serve you and your guests….!!!!


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