Happy Friday Fun- 10% Discount at Red Salt Cuisine on All Desserts..!!

Its Friday fun!! So, red salt cuisine restaurant has offered 10% discount on all types of desserts for all the customers. For regular customers, we offer 15% discount.

10% of all Desserts at Red Salt Cuisine - WSM

We believe in distributing happiness with a pinch of sweetness in it. So, we welcome you to taste the flavor of happiness mixed with some sweetness.

We offer a great variety of desserts like:

1. Ice Cream with Hot Chocolate

Ice Cream with Hot Chocolate

When hot chocolate and chilled ice-cream goes into your mouth, the chocolate instantly melts in mouth and explodes with irresistible flavors.

2. Brownie with Ice Cream

Brownie with Ice Cream

The fluffy and warm brownie with ice-cream is a great way to pamper your taste buds. It is also known as sizzling brownie, because it is often served on the sizzler plate.

3. Shahi Tukra

Shahi Tukra

The creamy condensed milk in shahi tukra makes the bread a royal treat to eat. It is a great dessert to serve to the guests.

4. Rum Balls

Rum Balls

This time when you plan out for a party, make sure you have rum balls in your menu for desserts.

Rush today at our restaurant and be a part of discount offer.

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