Vibrant and Royal Elephant Festival in Jaipur, India

Elephant festival is a royal celebration in Jaipur, India. This festival is generally celebrated on the Holi Festival. Thus, it is held in the month of March.

Royal Elephant Festival in Jaipur 2

The main highlight off this festival is the dance of elephant and elephant polo. The elephants are dressed up with heavy jewellery, anklets and painted with vibrant colors.

The elephant that is decorated beautifully gets awarded.

Other animals, like horses and camel also participate in this festival. But, elephants are the main highlight.

Royal Elephant Festival in Jaipur 1

Looking at this festival, the traditions and culture followed in Jaipur can be precisely understood.

In Rajasthan, elephants are the symbol of royalty. Thus, this festival is a royal celebration..!!

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