Super Yummy Bread Halwa to Try this Festive Season..!!

In this festive mood, try out bread halwa at home. Experimenting in kitchen is good. So, this time, why not try out some experiment with a simple bread?

Bread Halwa 1 This dish is very easy to make using few bread slices. Your family is sure gonna love this 30 minute recipe –


• Bread
• Raisins or Kishmish and Cashews
• Ghee
• Sugar
• Cardamom Powder
• Milk


• Cut the brown crust of the bread slices from all corners
• Cut the bread into cubes of very small size
• Now, in a pan, heat ghee and fry the raisins and cashews in it. Keep them aside
• Add bread cubes in the pan and fry
• Add milk and stir till it gets thick
• Add sugar
• Now, add ghee (almost about a tablespoon), cardamom powder and nuts.

Bread Halwa 2

Mix them and the bread halwa is ready to serve and eat.

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