A Very Happy and Glorious Halloween Day to All..!!

Halloween is a yearly celebration to remember the dead people, such as martyrs, saints and all faithful believers.

This day is celebrated each year on October 31. “Halloween actually means holy evening”

halloween night with pumpkin in grass tree bat and hunting house in background

People celebrating this holy day dress up in unique costumes and make some extra unique spooky looking food. So, if, you are looking for some Halloween food ideas, then see this:

1. Dracula Dentures

Dracula Dentures

Prepared with red frosting, chocolate cookies and marshmallows

2. Hannah Horn

Hannah Horn

These are rice crispies with melting colorful chocolate

3. White Chocolate Strawberry Ghosts

White Chocolate Strawberry Ghosts

Dress your strawberry in melted white chocolate.

4. Witch Fingers

Witch Fingers

Crispy bread fingers

5. Cheesy Bones

Cheesy Bones

Delicious appetizer made from parmesan cheese and breadsticks

[ More about food holiday: A very happy and glorious National Brandied Fruit Day to all!! ]

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